Become Mobilmix

  •   In the morning, I go to work by public transport
  •   At noon, I grab a Villo bike to meet my friends for lunch
  •   In the afternoon, I go shopping on foot
  •   Come evening, I drive home from work in a colleague’s car

I mix my mobility according to my needs and my schedule.
And I win big time, every time !

I improve my quality of life

We make over 370 million trips per year by tram, metro or bus. Travelling with the STIB reduces CO2 emissions by 75% compared to making the same trip by car.

MOBILMIX is a state of mind, an attitude, an urban and modern take on mobility.

Mobility Week, one of the highlights on the MOBILMIX calendar, gives you the opportunity to discover, test and adopt new forms of mobility yourself.

I save time

In the city, for example, cycling is hands down the fastest means of transportation. For distances between 1 and 5 km, the bike is unbeatable.

I save money 

Did you know, for example, that if you drive about 7,000 km a year, car-pooling will save you up to 1,116 € each year?