Safe on the road

Drive at 30 and follow the rules of the road. At 30 km/h your braking distance is reduced to 13 metres, which means you’ll avoid accidents with other road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, monowheels and scooters.

Carefulness tips :

1. Only cross the street or insert at the green light.

2. The pavement is only for pedestrians!

3. Anyone on the crosswalk takes priority.

4. A tram cannot stop immediately, so it always has priority. Always? Yes, always!

5. Please mind the buses and do not interfere with them.

6. Pay attention to the people who enter of exit the bus.

7. Do not park on a pavement, crosswalk, on a cycling track or public transport stop. Do not use the space intended for cars.

8. Show what you intend to do! Timely share your intention to change direction or traffic lane.