Did you know?

Personal cars are stationary 97.6% of the time*!

So how can you considerably reduce this rate? One of the options is car sharing, a means of shared mobility and the subject of our 2018 event.

There’s another kind of mobility out there

Shared mobility refers to all of the transport services available as an alternative to private cars. 10% fewer vehicles would reduce traffic jams by 40%*.

The good news is that Brussels has seen a real boom in the amount of shared mobility on offer over the last two years. New services are popping up all over the place. There are now more than 60 in the Brussels region.

Two concepts for shared mobility

Everyone takes turns to use the same vehicle via car sharing (Cambio, Drive Now, Ubeeqo, Zencar, Zipcar), bike sharing (Villo is the most well-known, as well as Billy, oBike, etc.), shared electric scooters (Scooty, and recently Troty), and many more.  

Users are all in the same vehicle at the same time via traditional means of public transport and carpooling (BlaBlaCar, for example).

A simple equation

Shared mobility
fewer vehicles
fewer car parks
more urban free space
The result?
Well-being for everyone in Brussels.